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Volume plays a massive part in keeping you looking young. As you get older, you start losing volume in your face, leading to lines and hollow cheeks, maybe even a gaunt look. This is  where dermal fillers can get in and plump everything up to bring back that youthful look of your face or just certain parts, like your lips.

How it Works?

This is a gel-like substance that works to restore any volume that is lost or even to add volume to areas that didn’t have enough when it’s injected in. Your facial contours become sharper and key areas are nicely filled out. This quick, painless treatment doesn’t need recovery time and gives you instant results, making them one of the most popular treatments available.


Apart from giving you fuller, lush lips, smoothening away lines, and adding volume, you can also improve facial symmetry with dermal fillers and fill in scars.

How Long Does it Last?

While it varies depending on the filler you choose, generally results can be seen anywhere from 6 months to 2 years post treatment.


+ You might experience mild bruising or swelling but this will be temporary and should subside soon. In most cases, you are fine to go back to your usual activities immediately.

+ A filler cannot tighten the skin and while it is useful in treating dynamic wrinkles or crow’s feet, Botox can do a far better job here. Keep fillers for adding fullness and filling in lines.

+ Fillers can be used on your face, neck, hands, decolletage, and body.


It starts with the right care. That’s where we come in. Book an appointment to see how we can help you get your glow on.


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